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Pete Kale Thanks for the support and suggestions!! Love your last point about comparing crowdsourcing vs "expert" (for lack of a better word) - I'm creating a survey to send to my younger brother, who is a junior in high school, and some of his friends - let me know if you'd be able to pass it on to anyone of a similar age, or perhaps I could make a different version for professionals. I was thinking that it'd be a good way to get "real" data on what made people decide on their profession, what aspects students would be interested in hearing about, etc. What do you think?

And yes, creating a storyboard is on my list of things to do :)

Charlie, thanks for the input! 

I think my original thinking was that it'd be interviews and behind-the-scene looks at real professionals and leaders in their fields, so that students can actually see what their day-to-day could look like 20 years down the road, what kind of impact they can have, what it takes to get there, etc - but I think it would be awesome to have high school/college students contribute to the production, as far as doing research on how to reach out to, what kind of information they want to gather, etc. It'd be neat to also include student views, but I think that may work better as a separate pursuit - by using people who have already made it (and who have no doubt encountered a variety of challenges and obstacles along the way), it builds credibility and can also address the student concerns/fears you mentioned. 

In summary - with this idea, I'm more focused on helping students discover and explore what's possible and the potential paths to get there - it could serve as a starting point for a more interactive platform like Angela's. The interactivity is important, but I fear that it may deter some students from getting involved, whereas using an "entertainment"-like approach could really draw students in and help them explore and discover passions in a non-daunting, non-committal way... and then a platform like Major Match could be super helpful.


Veronica commented on BuzzFeed Toolbox for College App Journey

Angela Rohan Michael Schurr Elsa Fridman Randolph Norka Padilla Thank you so much for your comments!! I just made a Google doc so that we can continue expanding on this idea - I copied your comments and other feedback I received on the bottom o the spreadsheet, and am working on a few more materials that I will add to the Google doc shortly. Looking forward to working with you all!