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Brad commented on All they talk about is money!

Thank you, Michale for compiling this list.  It is a great resource for my students to look at especially as I continue to have conversations with them on the topic, these will give them something to bounce ideas off of or respond to. 

This is a great empathy piece and one that I plan on sharing with my sociology class who I have working on this challenge! I was a part of a design challenge in L.A. at a 9th grade college prep school and our student interviews shared the insight about the family tension for Latino girls to even think about leaving home for college instead of starting a family or supporting the current family.  This finical burden not only on the students but their family is a pattern emerging in many posts even with my own students when we talked  about the topic. Even though there are many options (scholarships or work programs) the debt burden is real. Possibly explaining this demographics interest in Sanders for president. Thanks for sharing! 


Brad commented on Step aside, Mr. Principal!

Hi David,

Great idea! The district I work in (Greece Central in New York State) has a Teacher Leader program that is similar to your idea. I am a teacher leader and teacher. I teach three sections a day then I am released to work with other teachers or receive PD (in fact, that is how I learned about DT). As teacher leaders we are not administrators but have the opportunity to work with our Admin and bring up concerns and needs of students and teachers. We even led PD with the staff. It certainly has its ups and downs but has changed the culture within our building and in our district.