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Tracy commented on Without Further Ado . . .

Ok thanks for lmk!  I am a newbie at this.  Thanks!!!


Tracy commented on Without Further Ado . . .

Hi James,
I recently participated in a teachers guild meeting where we chose topics...I chose yours as it is really interesting to me.
I am a parent, not an educator, and worry that sometimes parent teacher conferences can be like "dog and pony shows" are in business - everyone gears up and does their best to look their best.
For me as a parent, the most important thing is that my children build a sense of self and get excited about the future and what they might want to do.  Which leads me to wanting the end of the year assessment to be a continuing project/practice of self reflection.
In our brainstorm, we discussed having students spend once a week reflecting on what they learned that week, what they enjoyed, what they wanted to know more about, so that by the end of the year, they have ample material in which to choose their end of the year piece.
Also, we discussed how there are many who would be uncomfortable public speaking, and there should be a way to do a video of the piece and play of the students who are more comfortable that way.
Tracy Without Further Ado . . . 
Without Further Ado . . .