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Tom commented on Try a Teenage Safari!

Hi Tim. I just sent you these comments on Slack, but though I;d repost them here too:

I think one of the most intriguing aspects of this is in the How it Works slide where, in step 3, you mention students teaching parents. This is something we’ve thought about in Higher Ed, the idea that learning is traditionally always a process where older people teach younger people, but there are clearly many areas where this can be reversed: technology / social media / getting to grips with an iPad, photoshop or some music composition software etc.

Is it worth thinking about not just the relocation aspects of bussing parents into school, but replicating some of the aspects of school life that children might find difficult to relate to their parents - even if it’s asking the parents to find their lockers in the morning, find their way to a class etc. I guess I’m thinking about the ‘otherness’ of school - things about it that can’t be explained, and hence add to the parent / pupil sense of separation - the “you wouldn’t understand” barriers?

In the Impact slide you talk about parents gaining a massive respect for what teachers do for their kids. How about replicating a bit of this too on a different safari - providing the parents with a sense of what its like to have to set up classes in the mornings, the work that happens after kids have gone home, getting a sense of what it’s like to plan a lesson, or even sit there talking to other parents at a parents’ evening?

On the slide about parents as learning coaches, is there any sense in which children need to be taught a new set of values in being able to listen to their parents and not perhaps find the new found interest that their have in their work embarassing?