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Tiffanie commented on PR Experts, Communication & Trust

As a marketing person, I would love to explore this idea more Jessica Lura ! I would love to know where authenticity plays into this. My mind automatically goes to my district where we have a strong PR presence. It would be interesting to see this go both ways in a situation like this. PR --> Parent and Parent --> PR. I would be interested in a build on this original idea, centering the parent feedback based upon their new PR knowledge.


Tiffanie commented on #PARENTS_R_LEARNERS TWEETS

Marlon Ng - I love the exponential impact of this idea. The sharing on twitter can generate more interest, more sharing and ultimately greater collaboration. This is fantastic!

Thank you Jessica Lura ! We've tested both. I find that opportunities for conversations and idea sharing in a physical space have worked best. Particularly with students and parents of color. There is an in-person trust that needs to be built that is difficult to do without the face-to-face time.