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Thanks, Maggie Favretti-
At this time, I mainly observe/research/write about civic action projects. I'm looking for more ways to promote this kind of learning, perhaps beyond the book I've written & the blog I maintain (at ). I'd like to learn more about your work, so perhaps you could share a bit of detail (grade-level, how you coordinate multiple projects at once, what students are focusing on, etc.) by email, instead of on this site. You can reach me at .
Best wishes,
Steve Z
PS: Once we see how we are aligned, perhaps you'd like to be part of a team on this topic, here on the Teachers Guild site?!


Steve commented on Stories of Outstanding Student Civic Action Projects

Comments by 2 Chicago HS students involved in extensive projects to improve the school culture & fellow students' civic involvement:
Bea: I like working with other students, building relationships with them. I like the diversity, and getting to know kids from other grade levels. . . . I want more students to have this life-changing experience. It gives you confidence and makes you stand up for your own opinions.
DJ: When I came to this school as a freshman no one knew me, and there was no one to help me. Lots of kids complained and didn’t like it here. I don’t want new freshmen feeling the way we felt. Now I feel constantly energized about how we’re growing as a team. I’m more confident about my leadership and collaborating abilities. I feel like my ideas matter. I hope I can bring the lessons I’ve learned here wherever I go to college.