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susan bitetti commented on Hack Some Spaces: Makerspace in a Box of the biggest issues we've come across is the space constraint. How can we package enough material that allows students to fully leverage their creativity into a small enough, easily transportable space? Definitely would be neat to bounce ideas around! Are you thinking of this specifically in terms of art class?


susan bitetti commented on Hack Some Spaces: Makerspace in a Box

Love this idea! I'm actually working on a very similar project at Tufts- a "mobile maker's studio" where teachers can check out various kits to bring into their classroom depending on what kind of project they're doing. Just wondering the size of the boxes your imagining and how you were thinking and how it can be moved from class to class?


susan bitetti commented on How to document and reflect upon innovative class projects?

Thanks so much for your feedback, Garth! We definitely share a similar mindset here. I think 'thought books' and documentation in general is a huge part of project-based learning and the sort of activities students might take on in a maker's space setting as you mentioned. I would love to hear more about the thought books: how much were the students prompted by teachers vs it being a self-directed activity? What sort of projects have you noticed students documenting most?

Also, for your set-up of a "documentation station" where do the photos end up? Or are the students able to print off the photos locally? Look forward to hearing your thoughts!