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Sarah commented on A change in culture

Heather, this culture shift is VITAL & parallels what Trevor C. is ca;;ing for in the post,
"Celebrity Status!

What if teachers with really special skills were treated like STARS?". 

I don't know where to begin to shift the devaluing of our profession that so many of us have experienced too many times (especially demoralizing in the midst of a parent-teacher conference!) but I want to be part of the conversation that you & Trevor C. have started!


Sarah commented on Rethinking Teacher Evaluation

I also love the image/caption you, so aptly, chose.


Sarah commented on Rethinking Teacher Evaluation

Thanks for adding this fabulous resource for us to consider. You're raising a critical point: which questions or assumptions have given us the PD model we most often experience now?  How can posing "more beautiful" questions lead us to imagine new possibilities that don't yet exist. Critical.