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Shawn commented on Your-Story of the United States...

Erin, Thanks for the suggestion. I like the historic fiction angle, it might work well as a capstone project at the end of the year or as a summer bridge assignment prior to their Senior year. As for specific feedback and direction, I'm looking to expand the project beyond my classroom and am seeking partners in other schools outside of my own little bubble. The structure of interaction this approach would foster, among students, teachers, and their school communities would be as applicable in a Math or Science classroom as it has been in my History class. So, if you could suggest any organization or network that would be interested in partnering/fostering/mentoring me in taking this next step; I believe this model to be very scaleable and could prove to be an effective vehicle for building greater individual empathy and broader cultural understanding within and among the United States of America.

Philippe, I love your idea and have been teaching my class in a similar way for the past two years. I've submitted a proposal, Your-Story of the United States, and would appreciate your take. Fully realized, I'm envisioning the course co-taught by three teachers across institutions in an effort to bridge the political/cultural divide. If you are interested, I'm looking for conspirators interested in collaborating. If you're interested, I've included a link to a working document below and would appreciate any suggestions or insights you might have to offer.
Shawn Dougherty


Shawn commented on Teaching Math through the Presidential Election

I love this idea and plan to incorporate it into my class, thanks.  The program I pitched, "Education, not indoctrination," will require partner schools across the cultural, political, and economic divide.  Check it out and let me know if your school might be interested...