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Sanny commented on The Importance of Parental Involvement.

Agree! Wondering: what is the best time (during the school year) for you to get to know the parents and their relationship with your student? And how do you make sure that what you observe will help the student and your relationship with all of them? Any tips/tricks in how to prepare for and set up these "meetings"?


Sanny commented on Hacking Open House Night

Love this! Did you use this opportunity/extra time to educate parents about how school and teaching is different from when they were in school? And how the way it is done now, is to help our kids be happy and successful in their future? Asking, because I feel so much misunderstanding and negative feedback comes down to this different perspective.


Sanny commented on Empathy

It goes back to the goal of the conference: share how the student is doing vs discuss how to help a student do even better. In case of the latter, it might help a teacher to talk less, ask more questions and listen more, to understand what happens outside of the classroom.