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Rachel commented on Empathy Assignment

Hello Jack Thompson - I am so inspired that you completed the Empathy activity as well! What a powerful way to connect with the other Perry Design Leads!

Out of curiosity - what grade was the student in who completed the Camera Journal activity? It sounds like he was in late middle or high school. I would love to see what insights you would glean from a student in early elementary - a student who may be less influenced by your role within the district. How might the photos/information compare to the older student? Could be fun...

Thank you for being part of this process!


Rachel commented on Empathy Interview

I'm excited to listen to your student interview, Christina Alvord ! What a cool idea to record it on StoryCorps!

I truly appreciated reading about your identity and how you interact with others...and was delighted to see that in addition to reflecting on your strengths, you also included a personality characteristic that might be frustrating to others. ('Cause let's face it, we all have them!) That level of awareness is huge. "Charging ahead without thinking" might actually be a really great thing for this Teachers Guild work, as one of the key mindsets is a "Bias Towards Action." Overthinking can sometimes stifle the creative failing forward is what we aim to do. So excited you are part of this journey for SOI!


Rachel commented on Empathy Activity: Camera Journal

Thank you for your Empathy work and reflection, Jodi Rzeszotarski ! I continue to be deeply impressed by the insights you and your team are learning about students through the Camera Journal exercise.

Your roles in the school are so incredibly interesting to me...and so diverse! You have so many opportunities to connect with a wide range of students through your extracurricular leadership and Media Specialist position. I wonder how you might be able to continue to leverage those relationships in meaningful ways - especially since you see so many students in a non-traditional classroom setting (which is often when they feel more relaxed/more themselves). Looking forward to working with you this year!