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Pete commented on being normal together

Hi Megan, yes I think that is a great idea about writing down what they feel. Part of the strength of this exercise has been in the listening to others. learning to listen and to feel into what is being said. But for sure it would be good to have some more feed back, especially after the exercise has been done. I have done some things like helping to connect similarities between the observations through a game using the 4 elements represented symbolically. red triangle for fire, blue circle for water, yellow square for earth and a green half circle for air / wind. I place them in the center of the circle and the person with their object, which they describe, locate it in ' proximity ' to one or other of the elements represented in the center. The whole group can pitch in to help them find a suitable place to put their object. With adults it can go further asking them to write one of their own qualities on a paper and share it in the circle by placing it in relation to the ' elements '. A good game of comunication, sensitivity and shareing.