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Thanks for sharing both your personal experience as a parent and your perspective as an experience designer. Very much appreciated. As an experience designer, I am wondering if you might share some ideas or tools that would help schools across the country scale the home visit program that you described. Also, were there other specific elements of the home visit (besides the great questions) that made the experience powerful for you as a parent? Thanks again.


Paul commented on Feedback at the Dinner Table

Hi Nidhi.

I like your idea here and not only because its similar to my submission. Your thinking about how to leverage family rituals to engage parents is valuable in several different ways but I like the fact that it could be a form of consistent engagement.

I am wondering if you can share a few specific examples of when you have incorporated portions of projects that require feedback from parents.

I am also hoping that you might add pictures to your two contributions. Doing this will help attract attention to your ideas.

Finally, it would be great if you could fill out your profile on the Teachers Guild platform so that we can get to know. Where do you teach? What grade level?

Thanks for your efforts and inspiration.


Paul commented on Parent Share Conferences


Thanks for the thoughtful response. I forgot to mention I am a fan of MVPS. I have known Bo Adams for some years and am doing a presentation with Meg Cureton at NAIS Annual Conference in a few weeks.

I like the questions that are used in the conversations and see broad ranging applications. I am going to digest the additional information you shared and respond again. THANKS! Paul