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Pam commented on Introvert-Led Conferences

Thanks, Michael! Your thought process is easy to follow; I am drawn to the idea of SLCs taking on a new format depending on the S's disposition. Like you, I'm an ambivert, and I believe we are in a unique position to empathize with different types of students in myriad situations.

A college-counseling specific example that comes to mind follows: even extroverted students can shut down in these "family" conference - mostly, mom / dad "has/have all the answers, so why bother speaking up?". A SLC with clear purpose could sets up a student (elem, middle, or high) to be "seen and heard" for the first time.

I structured, but flexible format could provide scaffolding for all students to successfully navigate these convos. I guess that's the question - "HMW design a structured, but flexible format with appropriate scaffolding for all students who conduct SLCs?"

When I'm feeling more introverted (especially before phone conversations), I tend to jot down my bullet points in advance. In a sense, I almost lay out a script. That's where this idea takes shape.
I'm now envisioning a pictorial "choose your own adventure" type SLC with an optional flow chart for Ss.

Digital vs in-person could be one of the many options to explore!

If you'd like to start the google doc, I'm happy to meet you in g-space!

One more thought - I think it's important that we also consider support parents in this process as they may feel a little off-kilter handing over the reigns to a student. Parents of our middle school students have let me know that it's important to them to have the opportunity to ask questions of the teacher (or, counselor in my case). Perhaps an FAQ sheet, an agenda, or a timeline would meet parents where they are as we work to empower Ss.


Pam commented on Mock College Application

Yes! Seeing a mock application is enlightening for students! What if Ss participated in mock application REVIEW. We host a program in Atlanta that allows students to learn that they are more than the sum of their test scores and GPA. By allowing Ss to be "on the review committee," they learn that involvement, story-line, and context are invaluable components of the college application review.


Pam commented on Student-Teacher Conferences

I like it, Kristian! What if these conferences were student-led? That way, students get accustomed to being at the center of their education, OR... college search. So many students struggle to articulate what they want to experience in colleges b/c they are accustomed to looking to adults to decide for them. HMW carefully guide students down their own path of exploration by using previously existing tools such as College Board's "Big Futures" resource?