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Nancie commented on Timing

It's true, parents do want to participate ...but how can we apply design thinking to solve this conundrum?
I frequently advocate for more interdepartmental communication around calendaring and also external communication to address the reality of simply not being able to be in multiple places at once (without judgement -- we do not actually have that superpower and yet do our very best to get to as many events as possible). As a parent, it is a top source of stress to try to figure out how to attend (or at least transport children to) academic, performing arts, athletics, and club activities/competitions/events at two different schools every week and often on weekends. Right now, I receive text reminders through two different apps (Remind and SchoolDeets), two event summary emails from two schools per week, and there are online calendars at both school websites which are updated only to varying degrees. Critical deadlines for things like exam signups and schedules get lost in the shuffle (AP/SAT/ACT, etc). None of the communications merge electronically with my online calendar and the only way to track everything is by manually entering each activity. Technology, in this case, does nothing to make it easier and only serves to hurl more information at me than I can process by hand. There is definitely a strong need for problem solving around this issue.


Nancie commented on PR Experts, Communication & Trust

A great resource for this is offered through the online platform MasterClass: Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing.
As a market research analyst, I recently completed this class as part of an initiative to enhance storytelling (narrative nonfiction) in my workplace. Although not all the lessons apply to your concept, I would say two-thirds contain useful insights about being an audience-minded, authentic, and persuasive storyteller.
As a parent, being on the receiving end of a strong story about the communities where my kids' learning takes place (and the how and why details of that learning) enhances my desire to be engaged in the process.