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Wow I love this! Have you had success in engaging all parents for this type of activity? What are some ways that you are able to motivate and encourage parents to participate this way? Iris Goedhart 


Nidhi commented on Parent Navigation

This is a great way to enable parents to understand how the school is providing for and supporting their child!! This can be so important as school changes from what parents experienced as students, and can engage parents as allies. In what ways have you been able to incorporate educating parents about the value of these types of school changes so that when they do shadow a student they can understand the value of certain aspects of their child's day that they experience? Theresa Shadrix 


Nidhi commented on No Fun

Sometimes it helps to have the child present as an advocate for themselves but also to help bridge the language barrier between teachers and parents when the parent's first language is not that of the teacher!