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Michael commented on Build a strong bridge; help students know what to expect

Really great idea here Christine. I could see something along these lines happen even earlier in the process, when students are choosing which school to attend. My wife used to work as a counselor at a for-profit college. She saw numerous first-generation college students enroll and eventually quit–after accumulating huge amounts of student loans–simply because it wasn't a good fit and they had been aggressively sold to by admissions staff who had sales quotas to meet. She always felt many of these students would have had much greater success with a year of community college up front, but weren't empowered to consider that option.


Michael commented on Internships and Field Experiences for Credit

Hi Norka,

I really love this idea. I went to college when I was 18 simply because it was the 'thing to do', but had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Given the enormous cost of higher education, that was far from a practical approach.

I could see a non-profit organization partnering with multiple corporations to allow students to shadow different career paths on a short-term basis, then maybe help them find an internship based on what–if any–field sparks an interest.