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Mary Ann commented on WRITE ON DESK

I love this idea!!!
I would like to try it...Question: does it smudge when you erase?


Mary Ann commented on Passion Sourcing

Hi Bryan,
I am thrilled to read about your idea! You address that igniting force that makes us feel alive and joyous, our passions.
I wonder if it is possible to organize a school where not only teachers but all stake holders- have different passions, but nevertheless work together sharing, discovering, and manifesting these passions. It seems that this is what is at the core of teaching and learning: finding that what lights you up so that every moment counts.


Mary Ann commented on Ssshhhh ... creativity in progress!

A quiet time and a quiet space are very important in learning. Some students have seldom experience these. Modern society and media can clutter our minds and overwhelm the senses. Teaching Mindfulness practices is one way to equip our students with these valuable life skills. I was about to post this idea when I found your posting. Great minds think alike!