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Brenna commented on Pop Up Classroom (What if?)

Hi Paula!

I love the idea of getting the students involved in setting up their own learning environment- I'm all for student ownership of their learning! :-)

I wonder how play-based learning and emergent curriculum, both important concepts in EY education, could be incorporated?

One thought I had is including your pop-up classroom idea in a unit of inquiry about 'self' including lines of inquiry into how people learn, and people's unique needs and interests. It's quite 'meta' for Kindy kids, but your pop-up classroom idea would be a great provocation for getting your students to start thinking about how they learn, what they need in order to learn, and what they want to learn about, as well as helping you, the teacher, find out what the students already know, what they *think* they know, and what their interests are in order to plan and further student inquiry experiences.

Great idea! :-)