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Meredith Herrera commented on Passport to College

Nichole Allmann WOW! We just prototyped your idea at our Shortlist workshop! We were super compelled by this concept and came up with some builds on your idea. Here are a couple of things we dreamt up in prototyping: 

1)  HMW make this course impossible NOT to take? HMW make this course an opportunity you just WANT and NEED to grab? So   - we came up with a couple of ideas: 

1) Make it digital - make it a micro-mooc with stories from real college students teaching other high school students. 

2) What you get - vouchers, fee-waivers, prep guide books, and access a social channel on SNAPCHAT - that is college specific. This emulates that you'll be ALMOST there to college.  The social channels make you feel a part of a community you want to be a part of in the future. 

3) You have to sign up for the course with buddies. This could be facilitated through schools. But, it could be ad hoc too!

4) We were interested in the business model - and thought about who might want to sponsor the vouchers and its development - and we thought about big foundations or even banks!

Next steps:
1) Can you map out the curriculum / content for the course? Can you start a deck? 

2) Can you investigate some platforms (coursera/EdX/Udacity/+Acumen/SchoolKeep) - which one would you want to have this course launch on?

3) Can you do some research. Ask a couple of students about research! Hear the needs.

AND - there's a good chance you're going to make it to Evolve. Are you ready?!  


Meredith Herrera commented on Partner with Families

Hi Jen, 

Like others, I see this idea as being critical.  Partnership is so key.  I'm wondering how you see this play out or how you'd like to see this play out in the work that you do?  It'd be great to put some bones into this wonderful idea.


Meredith Herrera commented on E-Learning in Passion Area


I really love this idea.  Any time we can create more diverse learning modalities is a win in my book.  I'm wondering how you see the idea of 'flipped classrooms' or classes designed according to student passion as being connected to our Collaboration prompt.  I can see lots of college going traits emerging in this kind of setup, but would love to hear more of your thoughts and vision on how this idea would play out.