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Hey Lisa,
I work at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School. This is right up my alley. I am really interested in your school and would love to set up a time to talk. Perhaps we can partner on this challenge. I will post my idea in a day or two-- no rush or anything. My idea is focusing on building self-efficacy. As you no doubt know from your experience at your school, this is a critical piece to the placement puzzle. You can reach me at 

I am so moved that my student's voice is having an impact-- no better gift to a teacher. 
I really enjoyed working on this. My only disappointment was not being able to conduct one more interview. I originally scheduled an interview with another school in our area that serves students from very wealthy families. I really wanted to get a sense of the difference between those with an understanding of college and extensive means to my students who lack both connection to college and the means to pay for it all. I am still hopefully, I can get the interview, even if it is part of the next phase. 
Again---  THANK YOU for your comments and listening to my students.

thank you so much for your comments-- it is such a pleasure to work with these students.