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Lynnette commented on Immersion, Inspiration and Real Outcomes

Hello Lisa and fellow like minds,
I have been involved in learning about DT and I love the potential it brings to changing a schools focus. However this was posted 2015 and I'm 2 years behind. The curriculum focus is of interest for PD to teachers whose mindset is fixed on achieving credits. Have you achieved your purpose in creating a collaborative DT online community?


Lynnette commented on Coding for The Community

I've just joined this website of collaboration and I intrigued to see that in 2015 you were trying out this idea and I was too in a similar way with my school in New Zealand. The idea to innovate career opportunities and build closer relationships with t he wider community. Our town has lost a lot of businesses due to online shopping. I have not used the unit since 2015 it hit a roadblock but I will this year 2017. This partnership can be sustainable if designed and managed right. I had students designing websites but other areas you suggest I will try. Our roadblock to this was school restraints taking ownership on everything the students designed and money made. Can you suggest your approach to that? Thanks