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Laura commented on Listen with Open Ears

I have been thinking about this as well.  Where I work this is a huge issue - because we are on line. When we all meet in person we are constantly checking our phones and emails on our computers.   So we start with some rules- no open computers, no phones- but what I have realized is that most people are just waiting for break to answer all the emails that are stacking up.  So I have been trying to think about something that will bring everyone back in and make them slow down and listen and ensure that everyone understands how it pertains to them.  The other issue is when we do our PDs on line- again people are multi tasking so I cannot say how much active listening is going on.  


Laura commented on A Teachers' University for Continuing Your Learning

Hi Chris - I have been thinking about this a lot. I think the common place or holding tank for ideas would need to be moderated as well.  My concern would be that people would start throwing up stuff and it may not be correct.  The thing I was thinking of is the items need to be attention grabbing. I keep going back to Khan Academy and Coursera to try and think how that can be meshed and pertain to teachers.  So for example how can I adequately do short segments of ed benefit- that will hold someones attention and really help  a teacher understand the how and the why.  Maybe I am over thinking it.


Laura commented on Listen with Open Ears

I ABSOLUTELY love the app! I interviewed my grandmother when I was in 8th grade ( just a few years ago). I so wish I had something like this then.  Thank you for sharing.  These questions you guys are throwing at me are great- it is really getting me to think in different directions.