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Ellen commented on Sometimes you have to Dig a Little Deeper

Looking forward to watching/listening to this.


Ellen commented on 140 characters But 1 strong Statement

Thank you for your post. I love your process of turning to social media for inspiration around this. Very interesting to hear about the inconsistencies you found in your hashtag search(es) around empathy.
"Most interesting was this contradictory use of empathy as a hash tag. Folks would use empathy as a hashtag but would post quite the opposite--I saw a lot of empathy posts regarding Hillary Clinton which were hurtful and not at all compassionate."
How do we handle these inconsistencies? Do we need to? How might we support people in decreasing their own viewpoints and biases to really understand what it's like to stand in someone else's shoes?


Ellen commented on Beyond the Uniform

Yay!! Such necessary relationships to build trust!!