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Lisa commented on Digital Footprint

Patricia I would love to collaborate with you. I love the idea of the students writing events they wish to be posted about them in the future. It is similar to having students writing a letter to their future selves :) What a brilliant idea ! It also help us get to know our students on a deeper level.


Lisa commented on If You See Something, Say Something

Greg, your ideas are fantastic! I love the idea of teaching students the difference between yellow flags and red flags., and provide them a concrete way to visualize not only how to have the courage to report but also how they react themselves when they encounter yellow and red flags. I feel that many of older students have become desensitized to content they see on social media. One of the Teachers Guild Fellows, Theresa Shadrix, is creating a leadership program (CEOs of the Classroom). I will share some of your ideas with her; these are awesome. Moving forward, I would imagine a collaborative effort by educators, administrators, social workers, and local law enforcement would best be able to discriminate between yellow and red flags.


Lisa commented on Student Designed Labs

I love this Paloma. I love everything science. Your idea inspired me to write about Scientific Phenomena, that can be used in the elementary and secondary levels. I think one of the most important things we can do as educators is to foster student curiosity, at all ages.