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LEE commented on We need time to create

No we do not have this now nor do I know of anywhere that it exists in schools


LEE commented on Reinvent The Teacher's Lounge!

In 35 years I have only once worked in a school where the teachers had "lounges" rather than a "lunch room"
In that school, each department had a space where everyone met because there were no empty classrooms so at least once a day every member of the dept had to go to that space.  You could leave each other notes, meet informally between classes and at lunch AND we had a dept secretary to do copying or typing or now I suppose it would be maintaining a web site!  It did feel professional and as if there was a support staff as well as a  location to meet where students were not intrusive yet I did not feel as if I were "neglecting" my students as I feel now if I even leave the room for a moment between classes or at lunch.  We have a group of teachers who walk the track at lunch to talk!


LEE commented on We need time to create

I agree that there is a lot of great dialogue happening here.  Happy to get it started.  Too bad I have 150 kids with final exams that do not allow me time to explore further right now