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Larry commented on Make Tweets Not War!

Amanda Levin "As a language arts teacher this also allows for an exploration into precision of language - is what you are posting communicating what you want it to?" --> This is a compelling point and seems like the basis for a broader discussion about online vs. offline etiquette. Common Sense Media has a wealth of resources -- for students, teachers, and parents/families -- related to cyberbullying. Check them out here:

Nice work on this one!

Gail Desler This is such a relevant and timely concept. As you note, there's a growing trend among digital users, especially younger ones, toward remixing and adapting content with impunity. Content is so freely shared that, in many cases, it's nearly impossible to identify the origin of an image, video, or quote. It seems students could adopt a "detective" approach to identifying the source origins for widely shared content. This could be a fun hook!