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Kate commented on goodbye report card, hello Learning Infographic

Jennifer, this is an absolute awesome idea and video. As a designer, communicating through images and sketches is something that I do often. It creates a better understanding between both parties of what is being discussed. Discussion through graphics and visuals might become more meaningful and more in depth in conferences as more questions might be prompted and teachers have something to point to in order to go through a student's journey. I enjoyed that you also thought through the implementation as well. Having some starter templates and building a community through sharing templates that others have used is a great way to develop what works best for the teacher. Perhaps the infographics could be used in other areas of the classroom as well, not just in parent/teacher conferences! As you mention in your description, we associate more with graphics than text. Telling a story through graphics perhaps is more memorable and "stickier" than lecture based learning. Congratulations on this awesome idea! 


Kate commented on Big Brother - Big Sister programs

I would love to be invited on the Google Docs! I'm excited to partner up with a team and further develop our combined ideas! I have not started on my own Google Doc, so I would love to be invited to participate with you and your team. Just let me know if you need for me to do anything on my end?


Kate commented on Reach Advisors (a.k.a. Graduation Gurus)

I love the idea of a scholarship going to mentors! This was a great idea. Making these connections before you graduate seems to be the most likely scenario of success in the venture! It would also help push students to explore what they love and perhaps finding out what they should major in.