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Clint commented on Back to Living, Teaching with Intention

Thank you Thomas. I appreciate your gesture. I will try to follow up on progress of the project and would be happy to contribute to the project as much and far as I can.


Clint commented on Back to Living, Teaching with Intention

According to EF Schumacher, there are four fields of knowledge stemming from two worlds: inner world and outer world. Thus,1. my interior life,2. others interior lives, 3.external: me as others see me, 4 others as they are seen externally and by their actions, and the reste of the world ( nature etc).
We have direct access to our interrior and direct access to see others externally. We have indirect access (limited or no), to others´s interior world from the outside (tehy may or may not share it) and to how we are to others form the outside . The most important knowledege is that of self, (Know thyself as the Ancient Greek aphorism states). Being in nature, silence,keeping a journals can help one discover,observe and tune in with ones interior. Parents, teachers, and true friendship also helps discover knowledge of oneself ( strong points, and defects too). I like this idea.

Ok thanks Paula for the suggestion. I´ve shortened the answers and created a gdoc.