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I have known so many incredible students who have gone on to struggle in their first year in university. This idea is a fantastic way to help students of all ability levels have a happier, more successful start. Love it.


James commented on Re-purposing Meeting Spaces: Collaboration Labs

It's so true that these spaces are important. Teachers so rarely have 'free' together to play with ideas. Most teachers only get together to eat or to meet. The meetings usually have defined agendas. Creating spaces like this will increase the likelihood that ideas will blossom and collaboration around them will emerge spontaneously.


James commented on Teach Children to Ask Their Own Questions

As a middle school teacher, one of my favourite things to see over the course of the year is the progression in the quality of questions students pose. Whether it's in literature circle/book clubs or social studies discussions, you can often hear the cognitive development happening as the questions become more interesting and complex.

Building questioning into the culture of the school would be a great way to ramp that up.