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Jane commented on Teach Children to Ask Their Own Questions

Wow! What a great collection of resources, approaches and ideas. Thanks everyone.
I am wondering what routines and rituals can he teachers to shift their vision of teaching away from leading students to THE answer and toward fostering interests and passions and valuing student thinking and student generated questions. Our current routines and rituals still support teacher as the centre of knowledge-what key everyday, small changes in behavior will start to move us toward a new centre for our classrooms. I think you have hit on a huge one -ask more high level questions, a second might be to talk less-whoever is doing the talking is doing the most thinking.


Jane commented on One Change a Week

Yes, agreed. This is the way that our math problem solving approach began and it has blossomed into learning mathematics through problem solving. It may seem contrived at first but it will grow organically as our deep understanding of how to be a teacher in a classroom where everyone learns and is able to follow their passions. Very exciting.


Jane commented on One Change a Week

I love it! A routine to inspire innovation. I think this translates into "just do it" or there is no wrong path other than not taking the first step. I agree with you, we need to put ourselves and our students and parents into a "routine" of making innovation a priority in our days and weeks. Through actively making the time we will move forward. Thanks for your inspiration!