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Jessica Lura Nice and very practical. Do you think we can help the teacher videotape his ideal self off of the classroom and try to match that in action? sort of his best audition as a teacher. I'm also interested in looking at how self-fulfilling prophecies could apply here. Do you think if the students have seen the star-version video of their teacher they would initially act differently? then make it easier and more comfortable for the teacher to progress with his plan?


Mahmoud commented on Jump On The PD Party Bus!

@Trevor Croghan Great idea. Here's what I can think of: 
1- Space would come to the school, already aware of the objectives of each teacher and have the plan and setup ready. 
2- School could be supported by an online system, to help manage profiles of teachers, updates .. etc.
3- The bus could be used as a sharing platform of practices and tools across school, where a school would send a gift to the next school .. etc.
4- The bus could be equipped with temporary access to some online skill-development platforms which teachers can access as long as the Party bus is at the school.

I hope that helps .. 


Mahmoud commented on Students in PD

@Trever Reeh Great idead! Do you think we can have the students build the personal branding details for their dream teacher? we can use something like "Tomorrow's headlines". If your teacher has done something extraordinary for which he has been interviewed, what would that be? by which newspaper and passing what obstacles. Teachers can then check which vision excites them the most, pick and further develop that. It then helps them build their plan for future brand, goals, tactics .. etc.