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This would be a great idea for our school to address in one of our Professional Learning Communities. Students (and some teachers) are horrified that we have limited Internet access at our future home, while we enjoy "vacations" from technology. I have read many articles about the addictive properties of devices, and I observe the stress my students feel when they are unable to check their phones during a test -- not that they are necessarily intending to cheat, but because they feel compelled to check incoming messages immediately.


Hedi commented on Break the Stereotype: Bring us a story

Stereotypes are so prevalent and very often so incorrect. I love the idea of directly addressing this.


Hedi commented on Parent convenience v effective presentation

Parents do express frustration over the long lines.  I think they are too polite to mention my hearing problems!
I think the teacher's classroom is the ideal place to meet for open house. However, my daughter's high school used to have teachers in the cafeteria and gym, but there was enough space around each one to allow conversations to feel more private and to eliminate most of the background noise problem.   The ability to sit with teachers also eliminated the barrier of the row of tables behind which teachers sit in our gym.