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Fallon commented on Perspective Lenses

I love this idea as a concept/metaphor; it can have so many uses! I was able to prototype this ideas with a an awesome group of people on Friday night. We had a lot of conversation about what is the concept behind the virus-host relationship, how can we make this apply to all disciplines and what is the purpose behind telling a story. We ended up creating a "talk show" style skit that allowed a virus and a host to meet and discuss their differences, but this also could have been done with a representative from Palestine and Israel or a Trump and Clinton supporter. We kept coming back to empathy and relationships. How do we get two groups, who seem to be at odds, to empathize with the other side. 


Fallon commented on Collaborative Tinkering Toolkit

One example from my own room is a design challenge around stress in high school.  My AT Psychology class was looking at their own experiences of stress and when we were researching potential solutions each team decided what they were interested in and they each contributed an article.  I also researched with them, I was an equal player in this project. I did my homework and submitted it like everyone else, they commented on my research and commented on theirs. Then when it came to prototype these ideas based on our problem statement each group created part of the prototype and ended up crossing groups to share inspirations and finish the prototype, before we went out for feedback. In the end everyone had a claim and investment in all the prototypes. 


Fallon commented on Giving Permission

Sounds great! I would love to see where this idea can go.