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Erin commented on Sbbtcl 15

Maybe there could be a conference day of some kind in August at count offices and all or some of the teachers who had done a sabbatical the school year prior could present their experiences, and new learning. Teachers could choose which presenters to see and get inspired for their own upcoming sabbaticals.


Erin commented on Teacher radio station

Might be easier to start with a local podcast the showcases pd. It could start with interviewing local teachers to get them to listen. However, it would still be easier to just tune in to a show on my way to work.  Hmm. I don't know where to go next with this one. 

A few thoughts:
I like the idea of it being shorter than 12 months also. I think it would be more feasible and more motivating to have shorter deadlines to implement ideas.  Thinking about the teacher who would sub in different classes each year, it would be difficult to switch curriculum and grade levels that often for entire years. What about quarters instead? Or units. They would have a strong idea of their start and finish responsibilities without the pressure of an entire year of planning.

 I know as a learner, I would do best to take in what I was learning from my professional development and be able to apply it immediately. Waiting a year to be back in the classroom might take away from that learning phase.

I also like it being a district roving employee instead of each school, which would help out a small school like mine which is only 4 teachers.

I think there should be a meeting area somewhere, or schedule with some lesson study teams throughout similar areas or schools. Another advantage of great professional development is connecting with teachers from other schools to observe and bounce ideas off of.  We have been trying to continue lesson studies we did with Tonya Ward Singer but it has been difficult to schedule just within my school. Having something in place to join up with would be a real help.

Just some of my current thoughts.