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Darius commented on Empathetic Story-Telling & Active Listening

I want to give a shout-out to my partner, Cara Brancoli  for her ideas on our collaborative project. Our collaborative project focused on empathy and story-telling included students sharing parts of their own life story or upbringing with one another, and then re-telling their partner's life story and life facts using first person. In other words, the students had to pay attention to their partner's response to the question of "Who are you?" as well as pay attention to their partner's body language and emotional delivery of responses. After this project, the students claim to have felt closer to their classmate and their classmate's story when they had to re-tell their classmate's story using the "I." Having done this project after a months of ongoing community-building, the classroom community became a bit closer as students had to somewhat embody their classmate's experience for just a few minutes. Thank you again, Cara Brancoli ! We may continue this activity as a way to analyze character development in fiction literature.