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Mehaboob commented on The simple and sweet method for low achievers

Hi James thank you for the comment. Presently i am working in Maldives. I have been working here for the last 22 years. All these years i have been watching students who have been getting very low grades like D,E and U. In our schools their number is high. Teachers keep different levels of achievers in the same class and teach the same content to all of them. This makes the low achievers think, that i can not do this and i can not pass in this subject. And above that parents pressure to get good grades! What i do is prepare notes on different topics which can be understood by them easily. In Biology for example, i draw digestive system in the centre of the A4 size paper, labell all the parts and opposite to them write their structure and function which include the process of digestion in brief. So the student learns everything from the drawing of the diagram, labells, functions and the process of digestion. Everythng comes on one side of an A4 size paper. So its easy for the kid to learn. I dont think this become a cycle for them. Once they build up confidence, they are able to takeup difficult tasks little by little. I have been successful in this. Those students who are low achievers in their O levels are now doing good in their degrees. So the student opting for higher education is the indicator which tells us that the students got the spark and their curiosity increased to go for higher education, saying that they too can achieve good results in higher education. Thanks