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Doug commented on Hack Some Spaces: Makerspace in a Box

This is the reality for many schools - space and money is hard to find. "makerspace in a box" could also morph into mobile carts with work surfaces. It's great to have laser cutters and 3D printers etc, but the art of making lends itself to learning from others, experiencing failures and learning to prototype. Would be ideal if the 'makerspace in a box' came with links to projects that can be delivered at a very low per unit cost. It also strikes me that 'creating in cardboard' is far more bio friendly than plastics etc. Reminded of the great work at Project H -


Doug commented on Work-in-Progress Wall

Studio-based learning. Can students have a chance to display their learning and review/reflect over a long period of time? This could be on mobile whiteboards or in public areas. Start small and then scale where you can.

Aaron - you've articulated it far better than I could have! That's exactly what I was getting at - use the ritual of food to embed a culture of innovation - share some stories, post an idea on the canteen wall.