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David commented on Sprinting Through the School Year: Scrum for Schools

Are you able to do some mock-ups of a typical scenario? Nothing crazy fancy. Just something up on a whiteboard and then take a picture. This would give your audience an idea or prototype of what you are discussing. Thx, Jared.


David commented on Feedforward and Opportunity Forum

Nice work, Richard. This seems to cover a lot of what we were looking for: Low cost of entry, change in culture or routine and scalable. I can't really make out the images (all appear upside down on my mac) so maybe this is already done but could you do mockups of each stage? Shouldnt take very long (not at all if you have already done it;) )


David commented on Creative School Scheduling

Can you provide an example of maybe a week's schedule of how you would adjust or refine scheduling to make it more susceptible to project-based scheduling. Feel free to use examples from your "real world" or create something completely fictitious. The goal is to take this idea to the next level and create a prototype. To take it one step further, if you are using google apps, just create a new "blank" calendar inside of Google Calendar and then start populating it. You can take a screen capture and post it. Try to use a few different approaches: Larger chunks of time, time when the mind is more creative (not between 3-4pm), starting the session with some energetic and subject appropriate music, etc. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.