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Dan commented on Jump On The PD Party Bus!

I'm always in favor of ideas that combine fun and great learning experiences! The PD Party Bus really embraces the idea that a unique and inspiring space can help to create a more powerful learning experience. I would love to participate in the design challenge!


Dan commented on Sbbtcl 15

This was one of my favorite posts from the Ideate phase. I've already begun talking with some colleagues about how to combine the model you're describing with an existing teacher externship program that currently can only take place during the summer. There are many things I love about your idea, not the least of which is the fact that the teacher on mini-sabbatical can actually leave their class without having to prepare lessons for a substitute and without coming back to a mountain of grading. They can truly go and immerse themselves in their 3-week experience. It also provides a great opportunity for the revolving teacher to introduce a topic during those three weeks that would be relevant to all students, but might not otherwise be taught (e.g., financial literacy).


Dan commented on Empower Teachers

Thanks for this powerful post, Jessica! I agree wholeheartedly that PD needs to "help teachers rediscover their own power to create." Textbooks, pacing guides, "store-bought" curriculum...these are not the answer to empowering teachers and tapping into the innate curiosity of our students. Let's humanize the learning experience for students and teachers alike!