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Dalton commented on Student Generated Insta-9 and Curated Grid Art

I like that next step and think there's a lot of opportunity to dig into there. The blog post I linked actually explores this idea- using the "Insta 9" to reflect on "who/how you want be in the world" and then using that platform as a jumpstart to future action. I think you could expand on this to talk about in-person vs. digital action/personas. I haven't tried that, but I would like to!


Dalton commented on "If you really knew me, would you like me?"

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts. So much great insight to process!

I was particularly taken with your idea- How might members from all corners of our school families come together, help each other explore how Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat might become tools for curating and cultivating creativity, identity, connection, and self-understanding?
I think, at a very minimum this question provides an amazing design challenge to tackle. It has a lot of potential to empower community and promote student agency.
I love your idea of having students follow teacher curated hashtags. It adds transparency to the teaching process and also blurs the line between teacher, student, and family (in a really powerful way!)

This is an awesome idea. And I love how the lesson provides opportunity to self-reflect and consider personal values as well as pushes you to think about how you might brand your "essence". I feel like this is something we could all benefit from :)
I wonder if a next step with this could be to have brands "merge" and have students consider what strengths/values they bring to a group setting as well what part of their brand they should highlight to bring out the best in a partner (If Amazon and Starbucks merged, what would each bring to the table?) Could be a really cool exercise around collaboration.