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Chris commented on Government needs to help

Does a Parent Day mean that parents would come to the school on a weekday and experience the classroom as their child would? Or is it for conferences between parents and teachers? Both?

As I was reading, I realized the combination could be a valuable experience. For parents to be able to spend more than 20-30 minutes sitting with a teacher, but rather having the opportunity to talk with the teacher but also walking through a school day with their child leading the way.


Chris commented on Food for Thought

I love the idea of making conferences more fluid in terms of when they would be offered. It seems odd that we wait until reports are written to tell parents how their child is doing. I know from my experience that, as I'm writing reports, I often contact parents to let them know my concerns so that they won't be surprised when they receive the report or meet for the conference. Why not just meet with the parent then, rather than wait? I also think the idea of different types of meetings would be useful, since different students/parents require such different discussions.

The challenge in my mind, if you move to a more impromptu conference schedule, is to not make that schedule too difficult for teachers or parents. Teachers already have a lot of work outside of school to complete in order to maintain the quality of teaching. Adding conference times to that could add another time-consuming layer to our already difficult jobs.

I wonder if parents and teachers could discuss this at a short conference, or through email, at the beginning of the school year, setting up a plan for regular conference times. For some, it would be the current model, while others might request shorter, but more frequent check ins. It would be very interesting to see what parents chose.