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Thank you for sharing these insights. It's kind of like an activity we do with teachers in our BIE PBL 101 to get them loosened up. We have them take a piece of paper and something to write with and then give them 45 seconds to draw someone near them in the room. It leads to lots of laughter and "I'm sorry I'm not a very good artist." Then we remind them that if we had done this with kindergartners there would be more students saying "Look at my drawing!" We really do get so concerned about what others think once we get past about 5th grade. 

I wasn't familiar with Pilloton and Miller so this was a great find for me. I'm at a K-12 IB school and our students do a personal project when they get to the high school. We've been pushing for more tools in our 6th/7th/8th grade design classes and have had some pushback due to safety concerns (which made me laugh because of my memories of 7th grade wood shop back in 1971).  Good stuff.


chris commented on Design Thinking... for Kids

Thank you for sharing the resources. I teach DT to 7th graders in an IB school. I've pulled together great stuff from many of the collaborators here in the guild and ones I've talked with on #DTK12chat. It looks like you guys are heading in the right direction with this.