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Angie commented on Don't Say No

Yes - like Emma, I'm wondering if you've tried this yet. Also, how are you balancing the desire to say yes to student ideas with the curriculum goals? I'd like to hear how to create that balance.

I agree - it's been interesting seeing what they come up with. I have struggled with getting kids to participate. Some of them don't want to post their videos, even when I've made the site password-protected. I'm wondering if anyone has any other engagement ideas. When students do participate, I think they give and receive a lot of great feedback. There are just a few who aren't participating. I don't want to make it required that they post on the Flipgrid, but maybe I should?


Angie commented on Co-Created Rubrics

I love student-created rubrics! I used them with high school students for defining the characteristics of the final product they were aiming for during a design thinking rubric. The student-created rubric really helped my students know what they were aiming for with their prototyping and feedback cycles. It was awesome! That also helped my students, many of whom have learning support, to be able to keep their goal in mind as they worked and learned.