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Anastassia commented on Science Action Comic Textbooks!

This is awesome! It reminds me of the work being done by Howtoons, a DIY comic book website geared at making comic books that illustrate and explain engineering concepts through visual and narrative storytelling. 
check it out here:


Anastassia commented on Movers & Makers

I love this idea!!! I was going to post a similar one, since the museum i work at (Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, CA) is starting up a mobile engineering lab over the course of this year. I would love to connect with you and find ways to collaborate! I just went to visit a mobile maker program at UC-Davis run by Lee Martin, you should connect with him if you haven't already :) 


Anastassia commented on Collaboration

This sounds like a new style of teacher workroom and planning time component that can support cross-grade collaboration, among other things! Are you envisioning this as a space where teachers are working together with each other or where teachers are actually teaching their classes alongside other instructors?