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Anne Marie Nzioki commented on Community Redesign Project

Love the idea!
I am from Nairobi, Kenya and currently live in Durban South Africa.
I had pitched something similar in one of the OpenIdeo challenges. The idea is to set up Open Youth Centres, which is basically providing open, positive and welcoming spaces where the youth can connect, create, learn and inspire whilst giving them a voice in the design of the spaces, the choice and development of programs with the idea of fostering a sense of ownership of the spaces. The structure of the spaces utilizes shipping containers (designs have been provided by potential collaborators) or any available space that a learning centre may have.
I have been thinking about ways of integrating STEAM with human design thinking for these young learners in Africa. One of the challenges is how to utilise locally available and affordable resources. For example, Community Redesign utilizes a website to convey the design thinking process and this can be easily implemented in areas with internet access but unfortunately not in the (majority) low income areas. The latter would have to rely on documented guidance.
I would love to collaborate with you.