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For the most part, a lot of my students like it because it's a good distraction as well as a segway into some topics as well. I felt as it was a way to make sure there was a line of communication always there between everyone. When words failed, body language and food prevailed.

In terms of paying, I typically go to cafes so that I can buy some small items like cookies and cake for a fair price and then when it came to more food, I offered to pay, but most times the parents/students offered to buy me food if that happened.  

This is an awesome idea! Snapchat is definitely one of my go to methods for checking up on what went on in someone's day

Emma Scripps I would definitely say it can be started with various platforms currently, however, it would be hard to get a true reading on how efficient the app would be. If I had to start it tomorrow, it would probably be through the app, groupme or remind. The only thing is that neither app really links to Facebook truly - one of the main social media platforms apps.