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Allan commented on Killer PD

We are degreed professionals, and some of us have even had other careers before becoming full time teachers. Why can't admin simply trust us to do PD on our own?  I spent an hour last month with another visual arts teacher a neighboring school. This is a person that met at a photography conference last summer, a conference that I went to on my own time and dime. I got some useful ideas about what to do with my advanced class. The plethora of networking sites is great, but there is something greater about having the time and/or financial support to go to a conference and meet other people who teach what you teach, and hang out with them. I just got contacted by a fellow Photography instructor who teaches college photo classes, and I am getting paid by the University of Southern Nevada to teach their faculty member how to do some alternative photo processes! I already know that I am going to learn some cool things from him that I can use for my classes. His supervisors simply encouraged him to go out and find his own path of PD, and gave him the financial support to do it..Seems like a better model, yes?