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Flemming commented on Preflight: Real-World Challenges in the Classroom

I love your ideas! Especially as I am already planing to do similair projects in my class next year! However I am going to finetune them à bit more according to the suggestions you just made!
I will let you know if I have further questions.

Thanks for the help!


Flemming commented on Preflight: Real-World Challenges in the Classroom

I agree that professionals have a lot to offer to students. As a kind of compromise I am going to invite a professional twice this year!

As I observed other teachers who invited professionals and didn't incorporate their presentation or information into the curriculum I find this such a pity. So therefor I love your program as it incorporates the information and expertises the professional brings to your classroom. The students really need the professional to get from point a to point b and use his expertises and experience.

I teach social science. So I teach about politics, law and the multicultural society of the Netherlands cause I live there ;) This year a lawyer and a ex-criminal will visit my class. So that is kind of it haha! I would love to know if you have some more advise. In addition, I would love to know how you came up with the real world problems cause I find is sometimes difficult to come up with one with fits into the curriculum.

Thanks! Best Flemming


Flemming commented on Buddy Up!

This is exactly what we are going to do with creating new lessons within the flipping the classroom concept! A buddy system keeps you motivated and increases the quality of the work you create.