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Thank you @Tiffanie Harrison! We started a really small pilot with just a couple of parents and teachers. In a week we start a second pilot with a Foundation that operates 15 K-12 schools in our local muncipality. This is part of a flu season emergency plan. Parent teachers were asked to reply to a simple email with some questions on their experience, need to co facilitate a group and there availability. And if they are able to come in at a moment’s notice. We have someone ready to call everybody they need to make sure no child has to go home. This is great for a start, there’s a lot of energy. But in the long run we need to work out a concept that is low in administrative tasks or overhead, supports communication between schools and their community and have a treasure chest of talented parents they can contact to help make learning a cool adventure for our children.

Thank you Jessica Lura for your comment! This strengthens our team spirit!

Thank you Theresa Shadrix for your comment. Where can I find more on your project? I would love to learn from your experiences. We want to bring teaching even closer to the community. I’ve done several education-business programs and they where great in bridging the gap between our education system and the labour market. This approach is to bring back the community around raising a child. And therefor open up the collaboration and communication. We are starting our second round of testing in a week. We’ve already had some cool experiences with our early adapting community members and teachers. Now for a second test with a bigger group and a call for teachers-for-a-day. Next step would be to evaluate the call and the needs of the parents and teachers. It would be great if you could help with your feedback on our second test results and your insights on how to make this even bigger if it is a succes.